What to Expect from a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Surrey

Gordon J. Bowen is committed to offering clients in Surrey, Langley, New Westminster, Coquitlam and the surrounding areas experienced, results-driven criminal defence counsel. We believe clear, honest communication is paramount. Please take a moment to review our firm’s policies and contact Gordon J. Bowen today for more information on his criminal defence services throughout the area. 

The Importance of Clear Communication

As a criminal defence lawyer, Gordon J. Bowen has spent many hours within courtrooms throughout the area. This constant commitment can sometimes produce missed calls, but rest assured that Gordon and his team will return all calls and messages as soon as possible. Whenever something important occurs in our clients’ cases, it is our duty to contact them as soon as possible to keep them apprised of the latest developments. When you choose criminal defence lawyer Gordon J. Bowen, you can expect prompt, clear communication at every turn.

Fee Payment Policies

Like most criminal defence professionals, we require a retainer before we begin to act on your behalf. The exact amount of the retainer depends on the estimated complexity of your case. It is our policy to send a fee schedule to our clients which fully explains when fees will be due, usually about 3 months before a trial. We are happy to arrange a payment schedule for our clients who may require it. If the required fees are not paid in full by the due date, our legal team reserves the right to withdraw as counsel and bill our fees up to that date.

Legal Representation

If you choose to retain criminal defence lawyer Gordon J. Bowen, we will present your full array of legal options at every juncture. You can expect diligent, client-focused service when you choose Gordon J. Bowen for criminal defence in Surrey, Langley, New Westminster, Coquitlam and the surrounding area.

Before Your Trial

Gordon will take the time to fully explain the charges you face, your legal options and the potential consequences for you and your family. We will obtain all the evidence the Crown plans on presenting against you in order to formulate a clear defence.

During Your Trial

It’s important to remember that not every case will lead to trial. If your case does reach a courtroom, we will advise you on your various procedural possibilities. Together, we’ll collaborate to plan your defence strategy. If you will be giving a testimony, we’ll work with you until you feel completely confident and completely prepared for your day in court. We’ll discuss any other potential witnesses, including experts who might provide a testimony. At the trial, we will defend you with compassion and confidence, making legal arguments and presenting your defence accurately and completely.

After Your Trial

Once the verdict of your trial has been reached, we can help you with every question you may have. Our team will help you reclaim any property claimed by the police, we can help you remove your fingerprints and photographs from police databases and a host of additional services. Depending on the complexity of these tasks, an additional fee may be required.

Protecting Your Privacy

As a lawyer, Gordon J. Bowen is bound to upholding the solicitor-client privilege. We are legally required to protect your privacy and we will not disclose to anyone what you tell us about your case.

Using Our Website

While our team endeavors to provide accurate, informative material to assist you in every stage of your legal process, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information presented on this website due to the ever-changing nature of the law. The contents of this website cannot be relied upon as legal counsel. We urge you to speak with Gordon J. Bowen about the specific nature of your case.

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